In today's global environment, new travel technologies and systems rapidly emerge and can be a great asset to a company's revenue strategy. I am committed to discovering, analysing and evaluating these technologies on a daily basis. Matching trends against my 25 years of experience in the industry provides valuable insights into market developments.

As a trainer on travel technology, I integrate these insights into my lectures to help professionals understand a company's challenges when performing in an international arena. I am a certified trainer and my areas of training include Digital Distribution at SHL and Distribution Basics, Strategy and Applied Strategy at ECRME. Both courses offer fascinating insights into the world of travel technology. They will help you become confident and up to date in your market analysis and offer a range of hands-on possibilities.

I can also help you create course modules concepts and content.

Training Courses

Digital Distribution at SHL (Schweizerische Hotelfachschule Luzern)

This course is part of the curriculum for students aiming for the degree Eidg. dipl. Hotelier-Restaurateur at SHL. The Digital Distribution course, which I lecture, is part of the Business Management module in Semester 5.

Distribution Basics, Strategy and applied Strategy at ECRME (European Center for Revenue Management Education)

This course starts by introducing participants to the basics of Distribution. It includes Distribution Strategy from a theoretical point of view and leads up to Applied Strategy with real-time cases. In today's world, both Digital Distribution and Revenue Management widely intersect. This course builds on Revenue Management knowledge.